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Pen Art (Cash Only: $40)
Pen Art: My Best Bud! by cosmo090909

It could be more if it's a darker-skinned character, because these tiny lines took me 8 hours to finish everything. I'm only taking one of these at a time.

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Chat's Weakness: Pt. 8 END
They both were just waiting there, in complete silence, thinking the other would move if they didn’t like the situation . . . And yet they both were just sitting— laying— there, with Chat hovering over lips her by only a few centimeters and only because his arms were the only thing making sure he didn’t fall right onto them.
Although he wouldn’t mind pretending like his hands had slipped just to crash land right into a blissful dream come true right about now, really.
Who could blame him for craving any sort of lip-to-lip contact with her at this point? After all,
he realized Marinette had been his Lovebug the entire time, and now any advance she could make on him now he wouldn’t dare run away from like before, but now she was hesitant of him being serious with her, Marinette, the clumsy loving and lovable oaf who kept insisting that she had a Prince Charming in another castle, and yet she had developed a bad petting and flirting habit with him until
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Witness the amazing (or crappy, depends) art that I do when I have nothing better to do! :la:


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79 / 4,000
Point Commission payments can be put here.
4000 is needed to get Premium Membership for a YEAR (used to be 2000, but then . . . stupid Core jacked it up. As if it wasn't hard enough. -.-). I'd like to change my username to fit my signatures on my drawings: Lundy Lawrence. Plus, I'd love to get points to buy other peoples' fantastic works or donate. I donated to help others out a few times and I enjoyed being helpful here in some way.
Any amount of points is appreciated.

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All the info about the comic is in this link here.

Basically this is something I was thinking of one day rectifying after how Fall16/Spring17 turned out so shitty, especially with how Photoshop class as I call it did me in Spring. This Design Bible project was supposed to be a starter to a world-building idea for a game or comic or show. You'd make a logo, a world diagram, a summary in a Word Doc about your world, a bunch of sketches showing a bit of the world or the story or how the characters act/interact, and of course the character sheet for all the main characters (min. 4). What had happened was that I finished everything, it was fifteen minutes before midnight when it would be due and I was submitting it, it was STUCK in an uploading unmoving phase . . . And then the deadline came and the assignment locked. IT DID NOT SUBMIT. DESPITE SITTING THERE WITH IT TRYING TO SUBMIT. FOR FIFTEEN MINUTES.

To summarize, this project work and entire idea I was growing a bit fond of was never SEEN let alone graded, my class grade bombed over that dumb internet fuck-up with the school website, and the teacher didn't even care to message me about a student going from B (around 81) to F (about 55-57) over this missing fucking project, and our ONLY project, so I didn't know that my message I SWORE I sent that day apparently DID NOT send because he didn't see it when he checked for me (only realized that after he put in the project grades only DAYS before class grades would be finalized, so REAL LATE TO DO SHIT ABOUT IT >.>). Seriously, wtf is wrong with teachers not checking this shit or contacting people who clearly aren't slackers or weren't fucking up before, and they suddenly have a grade that fucked up THAT BAD over ONE thing!? It's like he didn't care about trying to make it right, jfc.

I felt terrible that semester, but when I thought about it, this idea did not deserve that bullshit. It had potential. It had heart and purpose and a message to teach. It could also hit some people today considering how fucked Tumblr is and how PC culture is fucking up progress (that's not very 'progressives', guys . . . :/), although it legit was not thought up from that. I just went to bed not knowing wtf to do for the project and suddenly one day I thought of a world built on colors and . . . all of that spilled out of my brain, and so much more. I do find it hilarious how it hits some of the BS that happening rn though, considering some things I notice online that make me cringe.

Anyways, point is, Color Kingdom needs a proper closing that last semester refused to give it, so I want your input on what you think of that little teaser summary and if it sounds interesting enough to bring to life and give it the notice it never got, and so much more.

If you really like it and want to contribute so that it gets its kickstart, feel free to donate or do as you like to help support me or the idea, or just my art in general. If you don't like monthly payments, I still appreciate any and all critique, support, spreading the word, or you can simply buy from my commissions page which goes by the same prices, but without the monthly commitment.

Things are going to change drastically because after two years of college going more and more down the drain, financial aid will not help me as it used to anymore. I will be struggling for my life to even keep up college once next year starts and I wonder where tf is the money I'll need later in the year gonna come from, despite all I've tried and how my trying seems to never be good enough anymore, but I've come too damn far (ONE PERFECT YEAR'S WORTH OF CLASSES LEFT FFS) to accept this bullshit that keeps coming my way and to keep sitting there crying every time more shitstorms start blowing and I wonder when the HELL I'll get a god damn break from life giving me so many damn lemons, what the hell am I supposed to do with these?! I'm making life take its stupid lemons back, fuck that shit, I'm PISSED at life rn. I will earn that money by working hard with my artworks and making them matter, putting my all into it, and every bit will help me ride out the struggle right now, as will the second I get to college for a free check-up will when I finally figure out if I have ADD and/or Depression or not so I can knock out or control my growing issues at its core once they figure out wtf is wrong with me.

Idgaf how life likes it, I'm taking control of my life again, step-by-step. Fuck lemonade.

And yes, the lemons rant is a reference, I blame my friends for making it such a big thing between us.


cosmo090909's Profile Picture
Lundy Lawrence
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Demisexual Stamp by sunbirds Tbh, it's like a branch of asexuality with an exception once you really get to know them, so you can just say I'm asexual. Although I only am interested in guys; I just think girls generally look better aesthetically and it doesn't go any further than that. I guess the proper phrasing would be 'heteromantic demiheterosexual' or just 'heteromantic asexual' just so it doesn't look like Tumblr word vomit :lol: Whatever. It's just labels to me. They never meant much to me. Who I end up with is just how it happened in the end. The labels to me is irrelevant, and I mean much more than just a sexuality in the end, or even a certain race. I am, more than anything else, human, and will ALWAYS treat others as such.

Also . . . Christian Stamp by DarkFaerieNyroc13 I'm a very chill person, usually. And I consider myself pretty friendly in spite of different opinions, but if somehow knowing that I'm Christian upsets you, well, don't get salty about the few times I reference something religious like praying or church or my Christian friends/group on campus, or some Christian symbolism in YGO xD Or my ONE religious artwork. =p I mean, we exist; realizing that I happen to be one shouldn't suddenly change how you view me THAT much, I hope. And if I mess up or don't act so 'holy', we're all works in progress and we all fall short, but it's how you get back up that determines who you are. Making excuses is when you've really messed up, imo

I'm just gonna say this now so people can leave right now if it's too much of an eyesore, especially after having a friend pull some BS on me and other friends this year all of a sudden (2017) over this opinion that added to my devastation that college year: I am not a Christian that condones homosexuality, I do not and WILL not ship or draw it (however I can acknowledge good LGBT+ ships people, jfc, just don't expect me to outright support it), and no matter how butthurt that makes some people, either you bear with the disagreement and live and let live like a sane and normal person, or hit that X button right tf now and spare me more BS from ignorant people who think disagreement = I MUST hate you or think you deserve hell for 'insert sin' (biblically that is a bold-faced lie I do NOT appreciate; Hell was meant for sin and Satan alone originally, until Adam & Eve screwed that up).
You can consider even something as chill as live and let live 'homophobic' if you want and be an ignorant lying douche about my personhood, but I refuse to let that nor a religion justify treating LGBT+ people like dirt JUST for being LGBT+. That's disgusting. I've made plenty of LGBT+ friends in college and in the Undyrus Skype chat and on Discord that know my stance and still like me, agree to disagree, and liked chatting on deeper levels. It's most likely because they know there's a difference between a preference in relationships or sexual behavior, and trying to FORCE/GUILT people to be how you'd prefer, or treating them like shit because of your different opinion. Again, I see humans as humans, nothing more or less, which means I love people to the point that I can't hate or dislike you over petty bullcrap like that.

However, if you expect to befriend me, don't act brain dead all of a sudden and try to dehumanize me and every other like-minded 'unupdated' Christian over that opinion because of your own salt against 'unupdated' Christianity because some Christians decided to go by what they thought GOD meant, and not by what man wants or what other people do. Idgaf about other people; what kind of Christians changes her shit because of what someone else is doing anyways? You pull that backstabbing shit with me or any of my friends suggesting I'm still a homophobe no matter how much I have loved you and proved otherwise, and to even suggest that I should change my beliefs or I apparently hated you all along or something (basically saying choose you or God), and I want no part with you. Bye, Judas. Enjoy your 30 pieces of silver. I love God more than you, deal with it.

beliefs by Colliequest Aka, -get a real argument, plz- by Colliequest God gave us brains for a reason... by Colliequest Non SelfRighteous Conservative by sugarpoultry some blacks are conservative get over it by AtheosEmanon
Markiplier: Alpaca Hugs Stamp by Oreleth TheRunawayGuys stamp by Tigerstar52
Atem Stamp by blue-sky-girl Stamp - YGO Duel Monsters by StarriiChan YGO The Abridged Series Stamp by Parker-Stark Why so British? Stamp by purapuss

Silentshipping Stamp by FalteringIncarnation PolarShipping Fan Stamp by NHS-5 Azureshipping stamp 2 by KazumiAkai
Seto Kaiba Stamp by capriciousgamzeee Screw The Rules I Have Money Stamp by SuperBlazingStar Marik Stamp by CrowMaiden
The Haga Fan begins. by HagaFan


I always considered art to be about making yourself happy first & foremost, and if others enjoy it as well, that's a bonus. Because art is about expressing something within you, and if you're not enjoying it or wanting to do it, it cannot be called art to me, because you did not enjoy creating it. It's not art then; it's torture. It's turning what you used to enjoy into a chore you lazily do. Until you find yourself enjoying it, it's not really art, because you forgot to put that piece of yourself in there. Artists, make sure you're enjoying what you do as you do it. Don't lose yourself; it tends to show in your artworks if you do.

Also, I never considered art to be something that can be graded, but it can always be improved. So this gallery is from my high school days to now, and we can all watch the improvement and know the artist's journey. You'll see what makes the artists human and how their art shows their journey, their struggles, their joys, their sorrows.

All of us, in truth, are shining stars in our own ways, with our own light, within our own constellations. It's not about who does what better, but if your light is sincere. Artists are great in their own ways. It's not about having this style or superficial stuff like that. It's about the heart within the pictures. As long as you have that, in anything you do, "You'll Always Be A Shining Star" -- an old favorite in my gallery I keep true to my heart.


Fandom Artworks you will see:

Undertale (especially Undyrus; that ship is my LIFE)
Mystic Messenger (soon~)
YuGiOh, including any of the series (soon~)
Steven Universe
Voltron (more in the later future, but especially of Shidge, just, omfg, I love tf out of those nerds)

My fictional husbando is MY SWEET LIL BABY RIGHT HERE <3 Yoosung I | Mystic Messenger by JustYoungHeroes ysgcp = Yoosung Gorgeous Cutie Pie :love:

Couples I adore:

Shadamy Support Pro-Sonic Shadamy Fans by darkhyliangirl
ZenHee (Mystic Messenger's Zen & Jaehee, but I call it HeeZen-- pronounced like hazin', LOL) MM : ZenHee otp pixel by Pinkalala
NaruHina (Naruto x Hinata from . . . Naruto. Duh :P)
Gajevy (Fairy Tail's Gajeel and Levy)
LuHan (Luffy and Boa Hancock from One Piece)
RyogaxAkane (sue me~ :mwahaha:), and MusexShampoo (:love:) from Ranma 1/2
KyogaxKagome ( . . . don't judge me! :lol:) from Inuyasha
Romantic Undyrus (Undertale the game's Papyrus & Undyne)
Marichat (let me sin in peace, LOL! :XD:), DJWifi (AlyaxNino, those cuties :heart:) and Adrienette from Miraculous Ladybug.
Voltron: SHIDGE (Shiro x Pidge), Allurance (what I call AlluraxLance), Shallura, Pidge x ANY of the Paladins basically, and a love triangle mess of Lance and Keith fighting over Pidge and Big Bro Shiro secretly rooting for Keith while Hunk secretly gives Lance romance advice that slowly (but surely) works. XD

All Undertale ships I like (not in any order):

Soriel, Papyrisk, Asgoriel, Salphys, Romantic Undyrus, Frans (SansxFrisk), AsrielxFrisk, MettaMuffet/Muffeton, Alphore, and Platonic cute af FloweyxFrisk.
Top 3 being Alphore, Soriel and Undyrus. "USA!" :XD:
USA 2.0 = Undyrus, Salphys, and Asgoriel

Undertale: Undyne X Papyrus by Nikkoleon Haters gonna hate.
Undertale Font: Alphore Stamp by cosmo090909 I blame my friend, lol! She got me to ship it!
I Ain't Ya Daddy by NummyPixels WAHHHHH DA HETEROS MADE SHIPZ I DUN LIEK!!! uAuAuA by NummyPixels Freakin aholes by RainbowStriked Stamp_You don't need to justify them by Chivi-chivikStampity HOW DARE YOU NOT LABEL EVERY CHARACTER AS CIS!!11! by LadyRebeccaStamps Canon Stamp by Zorua101 another stamp by Colliequest I prefer to agree to disagree by Colliequest More of the UT Fandom's Hypocrisy by LydiaPrower8

I'm currently in college seeking a Bachelor of Arts degree as I aim for the Graphic Design program(quicker/easier for now), and then I'll go back in for the Character Animation program, and since both programs require all the same classes, it's like a 2-in-1. Most of my gallery WAS filled with doodles or drawings of my own characters I plan to use (because Undertale and anime seriously infected my life :lol:), but fandom-hopping is making me do a ton more fanarts again, lol. So yeah, people can see my characters before they even become a thing. :P They all have a way of growing on you. I hope they'll grow on you too as I gradually develop them and this show I have in mind here. So hopefully you'll find a new cartoon on TV some years later with GOOD cartoons. If not, I'll just go to Youtube and make them a reality there. And yes, I love ScribbleNetty, and I do watch Coyotemation.

Traditional Tools: Pencil. Eraser.

. . . That's all. :lol: I never used anything else (unless I had to, and it's not gonna be that good :P) and a pencil has become the easiest to work with. But when I start to learn how to use Photoshop or Illustrator or whatever years later, I'll probably do stuff from that too, but I seriously prefer the ol' pencil n' copy paper routine. That's what made it me, plus it's much easier to get, understand and use. :) I also like the idea of 'imprinting myself in my works by smudging, even if it's a bad no-no my art teachers never liked. It just makes each piece have some personal value, and I feel like I can see my own hard work that way.



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