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Where's MY hero? by cosmo090909 Where's MY hero? by cosmo090909
Looks like somebody did a number on Gloria's arm; I mean, look at the blood! A quick draw I did, although I took too long doing her hair.
This would be the first time in a very long time that she ever got hurt like this. Last time was elementary, before she became a school warrior standing up for the meek and defenseless. I think somebody got fed up with her always kicking his/her butt and putting her nose in someone else's business, and now he's getting payback the brutal way, which includes a ridiculously strong and rampaging gorilla mutant kid tossing her all over the place! And if you've seen my old drawings in my gallery and read his description, Damien's the gorilla boy. Gloria refuses to show weakness in battle or when facing enemies so this frown on her face? Totally masking her fear and pain right now. She tries to act tough but can it last when facing death in the mouth?
Gorilla Damien v.s Gloria does not start off pretty, and Gloria is later in critical condition, not to mention Damien's lost it. Sure, Gloria has mutant wolf abilities, but she never mastered them yet or could shift into a wolf by will, and Damien more like let loose his mutant side's fury by accident. We're talking as mad as the DBZ full moon gorilla rampage! Just not as huge, but just as deadly.
Unable to fight back at some point, Gloria can barely stand and needs a break to catch her breathe, but no one can save her from him. And to think she actually needed her own hero now, after proving for years how she could beat the crap out of any opponent. I guess mutants don't fit that category . . . He's ready to kill her with one mighty gorilla slam, but somebody steps in and changes everything. And then another person rushes to help protect her with his own unique powers. Who? Not saying! You'll find out soon enough, when this show hopefully gets created and comes out. Don't wanna ruin everything if my dream really does come true, which I hope it will.
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December 1, 2013
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